To The Lookout – Palmers

A coastal hike turns more adventurous and you head up into the hills to get a better idea of where you are.  With twenty separate handmade layers of colour building up this quintessential NZ beach scene, this print evokes the very essence of the NZ summer. “To the Lookout” is based on a real beach, Palmers… Read more »


Back in the days when a tan was a fashion accessory and beach umbrellas seemed in competition with each other for the most attention grabbing colour and design, there was an explosion of colour and creativity on the land and in the water. To those that lived through it, the 60’s would never be repeated!

Morning Glory – Whangamata Bar

I have always been drawn to waves that are backlit when the light source is low and shining through the face of the wave. It almost gives a stained-glass like effect to the subject. Here I have emphasized that quality against a brooding grey early morning sky. I first surfed Whangamata as a 15 year… Read more »