Time Out Tongaporutu

Tongaporutu is a small settlement on the Taranaki Coast. The river mouth in the background is where the Tongaporutu River meets the Tasman Sea. This row of baches is regarded as a classic representation of the ‘kiwi bach’. A sole visitor takes time out to soak it all up.

Aloha Piha

Aloha – Greeting, love, celebration Piha – New Zealand’s most famous surfing beach This image combines the above meanings along with threads of the innocent enjoying the sea and volcanic sand, the young surfer watching in admiration, the abandon of wave riding, the natural environment and overhead the blazing sunset imbued with the iconic pattern… Read more »

60’s Surf Seekers

As a visual artist and surfer looking back, the 60’s era of longboarding now has a nostalgic twist to it but the styles, the fashion, the colours that emerged during that era provide fertile source material for image making. This screenprint is a homage to those halcyon days.

Cooks Cove Tolaga Bay

Historic Cooks Cove here captured in the early glow of a summer sunrise. This enabled me to highlight the stunning natural topography in the hills and to give a wide perspective on the surrounds of the cove. A unique corner of the eastern coast.